Follow-up request fees

There is no additional fee for this service, unless follow-up requests take an excessive amount of time to process.

Fees for follow-up requests

For a first or second follow-up request, no fee is charged to answer brief queries and to check minor changes.

For a third or subsequent follow-up request, a time fee of $35.00 is charged for each quarter hour required by the editing team to answer your queries and to check your changes, except for the first quarter hour, which is free of charge.

However, if any follow-up request includes more than 300 words of new text added to the OLE-edited version of your document, then a standard editing fee is charged to check the new text.

In addition, if any follow-up requests are received more than six months after the return of the OLE-edited version of your document, then a document processing fee of $30.00 is charged once to cover additional administrative costs.

Please note that our follow-up service is provided to answer brief queries and to check minor changes only. If you make substantial changes to your document, then we re-edit the entire document at a discounted fee depending on the extent of the changes. This ensures that the whole document remains consistent and enables us to maintain your quality guarantee.

If a document submitted for our follow-up service includes extensive reversal of corrections that we have made in a previous edited version, then we will provide a quotation for an additional re-editing service at a discounted fee, to reinstate the corrections. To avoid additional fees, ensure that you base each new revision on our latest edited version, not on an older version.

How to avoid extra fees

1. Send only the final draft of your document to OLE for editing. Clients who send early or unfinished drafts of their documents will need to make more follow-up requests and may need to pay additional fees.

2. Send all your queries in a single follow-up request. If you send many follow-up requests, you may need to pay additional fees. We have a limit of six follow-up requests per order.

3. Send all your queries within six months.