Follow-up requests

If you make changes and introduce grammatical errors into your OLE-edited document, we cannot guarantee the quality of its English. Therefore, please ask OLE to check any changes that you make to your OLE-edited document.

There is no additional fee for this service, unless follow-up requests take an excessive amount of time to process. See: Follow-up service fees.

If you wish us to check your changes or if you wish to ask questions about our changes or the editors' comments, please use the following procedure.


The OLE-edited version of your document is returned to you with all of Microsoft Word's 'Track Changes' options selected. Please leave the 'Track Changes' function on. Any changes that you make to the document will be marked automatically, so that they can be quickly identified and checked by our editors. See: Working with 'Track Changes'.

If you wish to ask questions, please insert them within the document using the 'Insert comments' function. If you need assistance, see: Working with Comments.

  • Log on to your OLE homepage and click on the original order number for which you wish to submit a follow-up request. (If you have already advised that you are fully satisfied with the original order, it will be listed on your 'Recent orders' page.)
  • Click on 'follow-up request' (near the top of the page). A page containing a copy of these instructions will be displayed.
  • Click on the 'Continue' button to upload your revised document(s).

The follow-up request will then be listed on your homepage, and you can view its progress by clicking on its order number.

While we cannot guarantee a response time, we aim to respond to all follow-up requests as quickly as possible.

Please note that we have a limit of six follow-up requests per order.